What We Want are What We’ve Got

Let’s back to make the worlds brighter, shining like a star.. and sure that we are The Star…

All that i want in my life..
Is the feeling of peace, deep within me truly..
I took a chance, I let go..
I promised my self that it wouldn’t scare me..
Miracles appear i know, now that i can see it show..

‘Cause I found out what i dreamt of..
And i looked it up at this very moment..
What i want is what I’ve got..
Found out what was missing..
And i looked it up at this very moment..
What i want is what I’ve got..

Life is too short to hold back..
I won’t live in the past being lonely..
Now i know this is the time of my life..
Yes i’m sure, what i want is what i’ve got..

(What i want is what i’ve got-inspired by westlife song)

Give thanks to Alloh for everything that we’ve got in our life. What we want, that mean are what we dreams.. And we’ve got that dreams because of Allah answered our prayers.. So Give thanks to Alloh.. Give thanks to Alloh..
We must believe that our dreams will come true, if we sure that Alloh always hears our prayers, sure that Alloh always be with us, sure that Alloh loves someone who make an effort to get a wonderful life.. If our dreams haven’t achieved, don’t worry.. Because Alloh knows something better for us..

There is something more beautiful in front of us.. 🙂
Thanks to Alloh, What we want are what we’ve got because of Alloh…
Let’s keep our spirit to step forward, to get the achievement of life..

And Let’s reach our stars

* NajmThree*
(Get the new spirit of life to shining)